Business consulting

TLH has partnered with experienced business consultants in order to provide a full end-to-end business analysis. Collectively we are able to offer Strategy analysis/review, Business process re-engineering, Project management, Risk management, Claims management and all other business-related activities which require improvement through re-engineering process, management systems and Change Management.

Our experience is in all sectors of the economy including but not limited to government, State Owned Enterprises, as well as a variety of private sector industries including Banking, Mining, Manufacturing, Distribution, Logistics and Services.

Change Management Consulting

TLH offers tailor-made Change Management interventions. At TLH, we do not only believe in managing change, we also believe in managing transition and transformation. We make use of our ELEVATE change management model. We work with Change management across different layers of leadership. We leading change from transition to transformation. We use Systems thinking approach to enhance Innovation.


Leadership consulting

TLH offers tailor-made Leadership interventions. TLH enables senior leadership teams to thrive in today’s complex world. The current leadership needs to overcome challenges that are volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. The crux of offerings include:

  • Leadership success in a VUCA world
  • Leadership success using soft skills
  • Trust as an enabler for leadership legacy
  • Developing rhythm-centric teams
  • Systems thinking in leadership teams
  • Managing power and rank for leaders
Training & Development

TLH prides itself in providing specific training and for practical uses in the organisations that require it. Due to a seasoned and accredited developers, facilitators, assessors and moderators, we are able to meet our client needs and embellish delivery of training and development with great industry experience.

Our knowledge and experience in Leadership and Business makes us a provider of your choice.

Coaching Programs

TLH offers off-the shelf and tailor-made Coaching programs. We have programs available for Individuals, Staff, Managers, Teams and Executives. Our experts compile and update programs to be continually be relevant and current. Our mainstream coaching sessions target specific goals that are diagnosed through client needs analysis.

Our coaching undergirded by:

  • ADI model and
  • pillars of Neuroscience
  • With regard to Financial literacy and Financial Mastery coaching, we use our SUCCEED model.
Inspirational Sessions

We accept invitations from corporates and other oraganisations to inspire for accelerated performance and reflective planning. We cover a wide range of topics that heartily deal with purpose, tenacity and re-inventing passion.

  • Inspirational topics finding purpose and joy at the work place
  • Inspirational topics on pursuing self-happiness by finding own purpose
  • Inspirational topics on self-financial success
  • My mistake, my miracle
  • Associative conditioning